What Went Down at Tinder and Chet Lo’s Capsule Launch Party

There is no stopping high-fashion designer Chet Lo. After previewing new accessories and dressing A-list celebrities in custom looks this month, the designer came together with online dating app Tinder to launch a new capsule collection. The six-part “Lovestruck” range – comprising five T-shirts and one beanie – brings forth a vibrant expression of modern dating with graphic patterns, playful typography, and Chet Lo’s iconic spiky aesthetic.

As Tinder’s first-ever UK collaboration, the collection’s grand unveiling called for a special launch party in the heart of London’s artistic district of Shoreditch. Taking place last Thursday, the event welcomed over 400 guests from the capital’s vibrant creative community, including Leomie Anderson and Anaïs Gallagher, who celebrated the heavenly collaboration with music, art, and food.

The pieces themselves were displayed in dedicated art sets staged underneath the glowing lights of the studio warehouse. Greeting guests as they entered was the “Chaotic” vest alongside a similarly chaotic TV exhibit with flashing images from the campaign, next to it the “Commitment-phobe” top, hoisted amongst silver cages and balloons, while the weeping tears of the “Don’t be sad. Ur so hot” T-shirt was projected with an enlarged tissue box.

The opposite side of the room provided a red-hot, Tinder-inspired interpretation of the final pieces. The “No-one’s type” T-shirt display, surrounded by a flame logo fluorescent light and devil wings, created the perfect photo opportunity and, in a more playful adaptation, the “Kiss me” beanie was strung up against mirrors, inviting guests to leave lipstick prints.

“The event turned out really beautiful,” Chet Lo explained to Hypebeast. “I love how the sets are all designed and the way they play on the themes of the tops.” The hottest commodity on the night was the “Chaotic” vest, which even the designer shared his love for, saying, “It is so accurate and a little bit funny, I just love it.” Beyond the largely satirical nature of the collection, Chet Lo shares the greater meaning behind the collaboration, “ When the Tinder team shared the charity with me, it was a really natural and easy choice to work with them. As a queer POC designer, I am so grateful that AKT exists and that we can all come out and support what they do.”

After attendees explored the sets to the sounds of DJ Qendresa, capturing their favorite taglines, the dance floor slowly started to fill with anticipation for the headline act – British pop group Sugababes. “They are the blueprint for pop singers today,” British DJ and singer Eliza Rose says of the group. “Their ultra-femme vibe works perfectly against the collection, I can see why they were invited to play.”

From DJing sultry RnB tracks to performing classic hits from their noughties reign, Sugababes had guests singing at the top of their lungs. To close the night, DJ Jocewavy followed suit with feel-good classic hits permeating the space, inviting the die-hard partygoers to enjoy a last dance.

Take a closer look at what went down at the Chet Lo x Tinder launch party in the gallery above.

Shop “The Lovestruck Collection” by Chet Lo for Tinder online now.

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