Unboxing Sophie Collé’s Element Lamp Designed Exclusively for Afterpay

The Afterpay Dropshop provides shoppers access to exclusive launches from holy grail sneaker releases to limited-edition clothing collections. Now, bringing drop culture into new realms, Afterpay partnered with furniture designer Sophie Collé to release a limited run of special edition lamps that elevate Collé’s signature whimsical style.

Collé’s design codes are imaginative and boundless. She pulls from colorful inspirations to conceptualize pieces that bring fun to interior spaces, and her Element Lamp piece for Afterpay is sure to brighten up the home. Drawing from her one-of-a-kind aesthetic, the Element Lamp shows off various pastel hues and gestural, nature-inspired shapes.

Collé also included a few edgier metal elements to shake up the design and displayed a special paint tone on the base of the lamp: Afterpay Bondi Mint. The Buy Now, Pay Later brand partnered with Pantone to develop a hue that fully embraced the individuality of this unique collaboration.

Collé employed painted plywood for the base of the lamp, which was given an imaginative twist with the addition of colorful, pastel accents. The lamp’s Space Age-inspired globe cover is crafted from handblown opal glass, and Collé had the chance to collaborate with talented artisans for this special project as well. When unboxing the playful home decor piece, the Afterpay Bondi Mint color is shown front and center, as the inside of the Element Lamp’s box is wrapped in the bright hue and decorated with fun shapes that allude to the lamp itself.

To learn more about the Afterpay Dropshop, visit To find out more about the exclusive Element Lamp’s fun features and Sophie Collé’s artistic concept, check out the Unboxing video above.

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