TECNO and Loewe. Push the Boundaries of Ethical Technology with TECNO Camon 30 Loewe

Aiming to promote positive change within the technology industry, TECNO and Loewe have come together for a collaborative effort that melds their respective expertise in technology and luxury craftsmanship. The monumental partnership represents a fusion of innovative ideas and a shared commitment to delivering striking design and innovation in sustainability. The union of TECNO and Loewe resulted in the “TECNO CAMON 30 LOEWE. Design Edition,” which exemplifies their commitment through the smartphone’s industry-first coffee grounds back cover.

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5g Loewe. Design Edition

Known for its groundbreaking technology and commitment to pushing boundaries, TECNO has long established itself as a leading brand. Delivering a wide range of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops, tablets, and more, while consistently integrating contemporary design with the latest technologies, inspiring individuals to pursue their best selves and futures. While Loewe is world-renowned for its versatile innovations and luxury home cinema experiences. The Kronach, Germany name is synonymous with extraordinary innovative strength, perfect craftsmanship, and a dedication to creating technically sophisticated luxury technical masterpieces.

“The CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition exemplifies TECNO’s dedication to creating stylish, environmentally friendly products,” said TECNO’s Product Design Team. Echoing this sentiment, Loewe’s Director of Design & Design Management, Marco A. Mueller, stated, “I believe that TECNO’s product design philosophy aligns closely with Loewe’s values and goals through a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and aesthetic appeal.”

TECNO and Loewe. Push the Boundaries of Ethical Technology with TECNO Camon 30 Loewe Smartphone

Loewe Design Team – Camon 30 Series Loewe. Design Edition Cmf Design Team

TECNO and Loewe. Push the Boundaries of Ethical Technology with TECNO Camon 30 Loewe Smartphone

Tecno Design Team – Camon 30 Series Loewe. Design Edition Cmf Design Team

The unique feature of the CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition, its industry-first coffee grounds back cover, highlights TECNO’s innovative approach to materials and conscious effort to reduce its environmental impact.

From recycling coffee grounds to transforming them into bio-based material and finally crafting them into phone back covers, TECNO went through over 30 processing steps. After more than 20 rounds of experiments and tests, TECNO ensured that the material is both environmentally friendly, while also surpassing traditional synthetic and animal leather in appearance, durability, texture, and feel.

For every phone cover manufactured, approximately 0.8g of waste coffee grounds are repurposed, significantly reducing the consumption of non-living resources (fossil fuels) by approximately 49.6% and the contribution of CO₂ emissions to global warming by 46.3%. The solar energy-powered manufacturing process employed uses no organic solvents and significantly minimizes water consumption. The innovative material solution earned the CAMON 30 LOEWE. Design Edition USDA biobased certification status, a marker of the commitment to environmental protection.

This meticulous process is complemented by the thoughtful design aesthetics contributed by Loewe. The design itself draws inspiration from coffee culture and the natural process of growth, accented by Loewe’s contribution of the green gradient aesthetic that resembles the life cycle of natural leaves. The washing tones offer a representation of the growth and vitality of the green leaf, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of nature and technology.

Loewe’s Director Design & Design Management Marco A. Mueller and his team wanted to create a product that shares an appreciation for the vibrant and visually striking effect achieved through color blocking. Opting for the incorporation of a gradient for a dynamic portrayal of nature, ensuring a striking quality in any environment, while maintaining a modern and sophisticated appeal.

Despite the successful outcome, the collaborative process between TECNO and Loewe was not always smooth sailing. The primary challenge laid in TECNO’s extensive testing and material selection process. They aimed to develop a material that was both environmentally friendly and durable, meeting industry standards. Simultaneously, Loewe sought to ensure that this material would perfectly showcase their design without compromising on color expression. This necessitated continuous adjustments and compromises from both parties to find a balance that satisfied their respective goals.

TECNO and Loewe. Push the Boundaries of Ethical Technology with TECNO Camon 30 Loewe Smartphone

Industry-First Coffee Grounds Back Cover

The continuous exchanges and discussions between the two teams played a crucial role in this journey. “We had to select sustainable materials that met both TECNO’s environmental standards and Loewe’s aesthetic criteria,” noted Loewe Design Team. This required creativity and innovation to incorporate eco-friendly elements without compromising visual appeal, while also considering consumer perceptions and market trends in sustainable design.

Ultimately, the collaboration between TECNO and Loewe reflects a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, impeccable design, and a commitment to sustainability. The CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition stands as a testament to their joint effort, demonstrating how challenges can be overcome through innovation and cooperation. This partnership signifies a new path for TECNO, emphasizing its unstoppable dedication to environmental values and future-oriented innovation, and sets a benchmark for sustainable practices in the technology and design industries.

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