Optimize Your Connectivity With Linksys’ Velop® Pro 7

Wireless networking company Linksys is adding style to substance in the world of home connectivity with its first Wi-Fi 7 solution, the Velop Pro 7. It is the latest generation mesh system with a streamlined droplet design, built to blend into any interior and be up and running within minutes – meaning you don’t have to choose between form and functionality.

If you’re on a hybrid work schedule, you’ll know the ins and outs of curating a habitable and functional workspace at home. City dwellers and homeowners alike can attest to the headaches of balancing work and entertainment in the household, especially when both require immaculate connectivity and you want to maintain stylish surroundings. For those who value their feng shui and home design, Linksys, the mesh Wi-Fi pioneer, is setting a precedent for routers that you’ll be happy to have out in your space. With the Velop Pro 7, gone are the days of hiding your connectivity tech in drawers, behind furniture or stuffed behind the TV. The router’s sleek and understated design seamlessly blends in with your home decor, so your fiddle leaf plant and vintage Moroccan rug can continue to steal the spotlight.

The next-gen system delivers operating speeds five times faster than Wi-Fi 6 — a notable highlight for gamers, streamers and homebound creatives who require uninterrupted connectivity throughout the day. Boasting 66% faster setup time than previous Linksys mesh systems, the Velop Pro 7 can be up and running in just 10 minutes or less, so you can skip the need for fine-printed instructions or annoying internet detours researching how to use an ethernet cable, and get your online fix, quick. The Velop Pro 7 lives in a league of its own as an elegant home Wi-Fi solution that not only complements your space but also future-proofs your home with the latest connectivity for years to come.

The new Velop Pro 7 is available globally now. Visit the brand’s website to learn more.

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