Nifemi Marcus-Bello Launches “Selah Lamp 2.0”

When Nifemi Marcus-Bello first designed the “Selah Lamp 1.0” back in 2019, he wanted it to be both useful and unassuming at the same time. As such, he crafted it from a steel sheet – rendering it slim and narrow, yet strong – with the base of the design doubling up as a shelf or stool, and a long neck leading up to the simple, single light fixture.

Now, the Lagos-based designer launches the Selah Lamp 2.0 – this time, crafted in collaboration with Madrid-based fabricator Caliper.

According to both the studio and designer, not much has changed for the second iteration. However, by working together, they’ve been able to develop certain elements through the production methods available at the Caliper factory.

“For me collaboration is always an opportunity to explore new ideas, direction and knowledge exchange,” Marcus-Bello told Hypebeast. “When the conversation began with Caliper about this particular project, the idea was to figure out a way to improve on an existing product, in this case the Selah Lamp 1.0.”

“Quickly the design approach turned into one that was considerate to both the manufacturer and the users of the lamp,” he continues. “From a Colour, Material and Finish standpoint, it was important to keep the materials, allowing users to see and appreciate the new forms and constructions used in producing this latest version.”

The Selah Lamp 2.0 will arrive in a limited-edition run of 25 pieces, and is crafted from steel with a galvanised finish. This time, the bulb is dimmable, and is diffused by a lampshade made from solid surface material Corian.

It will be sold exclusively via the Caliper Store, as part of the studio’s “Editions” programme, and will ship worldwide from the June 9th, 2024.

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