Putin Russia Input Azerbaijan, Armenia Conflict Towards Turkey || Viral Information

Putin Russia Enter Azerbaijan, Armenia Clash Against Turkey || Viral News
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  • Sajid Abbasi

    Allah pak muslmano ki hifazt kry ameen

  • Eqbal Imam

    Wrong, nobody can come with Armenia against Turkey.

  • Rafiq bungish

    I hope and pray that Muslim set their differences aside and and and unite so that no power can mess with them.

  • Corne Chism

    Azerbaijan afraid of Armenia so she seeks support from turkey and pak… 😃😃😃

  • Samim Akram

    نیاموڑکونساموڑ یہ تودس روز سےیہی کچھ چل کرسن رھےھیں

  • Md Shuyaib

    آذربائیجان کو چاہیے کہ نگورنو کاراباخ سے لیکر ایران بارڈر سے منسلک نکھچیون تک قبضہ کرنا چاہئے اسلۓ کہ ناجائز قبضہ چھوڑنے کے بجائے الٹے جنگ کررہاہے اور ترا یہ کہ سیوِلین آبادی پر راکٹ داغ رہاہے

  • Nazma Nikhat

    Arminiya ko jald se jald kabja Kar lo ta k Russ aur France ki dakhal andazi band ki jaye

  • Mb shahid helel helel

    Esai vai vai muslim ka dost vai ho nahi sakta. Muslim ka thin (3) dusman hay 1- Esai. 2- Euhdi.
    3- apna vai munafik.

  • Abdul Rafeeque

    turki Azerbaijan me Islamik khiyadat ka ka behtarin kirdar Ada ker raha hai jo saudi Aur Iran nakersake Allah Tayyab Erdeghan sahab Aur Turki ki Awwam ko jaza e khamer Atta kare

  • Dawood T N S

    Common secne wali bat hai Armenia to pehlay he tha wahan us par hamla Kar k jhang shoro kis my ki hai.. aur Aur ap bar bar yeh keh Rahi Hain k Armenia Aman ka dushman hai.. Aman ka dushman wo hai his ny pehlay attack Kia hai .. ap research Kar k sahi news dia Karo Jurnalist one side reporting nhi karta reality btata hai..

  • Tabrez Alam

    Allah turky aur ajerbaijan ki hifjat farma ya Allah amin

  • Mushtaq Ahmed

    On where side is President Putin. The coming news are irreliable.

  • Rahaman Khan


  • Raies Khan


  • Raies Khan


  • Imay

    Azerbaijanis once made up 43 percent of the population of Yerevan. Over the course of the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it's not Azerbaijan but Armenia that has now turned into a monoethnic country and has pursued a policy of transforming into a monoculture society by wiping out the centuries-old cultural and historical heritage of its ethnic Azerbaijani population. Armenia has continued the same policy in the occupied Azerbaijani territories of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding regions, in a more violent and destructive nature. ARMENIA IS THE ONLY HOMOGENEOUS COUNTRY IN THE CAUCASUS, as it has expelled its minorities.

    The UN Security Council resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884, condemned this occupation and demanded immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of the armed forces of Armenia from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Armenia still disregards the demands of these resolutions.

    How can Azerbaijan have attacked Armenia, when Armenian territories have not been attacked? And then there are Armenians who claim that their so-called Artsakh is an independent country, yet not even Armenia recognizes it as such. Armenia does not have a border with Karabakh, it occupied the lands that they themselves acknowledge as Azerbaijani lands. Azerbaijan is merely responding to the attacks of unlawful separatists in a region that has been recognized as Azerbaijani by the UN.

    Armenia never demonstrated goodwill, neither did it act in compliance with the UN resolutions. The Minsk group has not achieved any result in 28 years. What's happening today is the result of Armenia's destructive policy. There's a discrepancy between the declarations and actions of Armenia. Armenia has always been aiming at war with military provocations against Azerbaijan in order to disrupt the negotiations. Tensions heated up again when Armenia attacked Tovuz, which is outside the conflict area in Western Azerbaijan, as it's close to energy pipelines that serve Turkey. Azerbaijan had to respond. When Armenia suffered a bitter defeat it started to plea for a ceasefire. This pattern continues to repeat with Armenia. Armenia has been attacking Azerbaijan from Armenia, not just from the occupied territories. Armenia is expanding the zone of hostilities, as a result there have been civilian victims in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is showing restraint by keeping its focus on its own occupied territories even though it has the right to retaliate. Armenia had 30 years to solve this matter in a peaceful way. Not only did they prove that they don't want to solve this issue by disregarding the agreements, they constantly provoked Azerbaijan. Armenia is the perpetrator, yet has the audacity to pretend being a victim. Azerbaijan has come to the conclusion that not reacting won't get them anywhere. Armenia is a vassal state of Russia and it's their support that let them get away with their provocations.

    Foreign actors have already been involved. Azerbaijan has enough manpower, it's Armenia that has been collecting help from many countries. Armenia deployed PKK terrorists in Karabakh. The PKK is a terrorist organization that has killed many innocents and is also known for recruiting children. The recruitment of child soldiers is a violation of international law. Greeks and Syrian Armenians have also come to Armenia to fight against Azerbaijan. Iran is also sending soldiers to Armenia. These soldiers who are members of the Revolutionary Guard, previously fought in Syria and are now sent to Armenia. Iran also facilitates the transfer of Russian arms to Armenia.

    Turkey is merely providing moral support to Azerbaijan. There are no Turkish soldiers involved. Turkey is right in supporting its ethnic kin. Armenia gets the support of multiple countries, therefore Turkey will not let Azerbaijan get singled out. The West cannot be trusted to protect the interests of all sides because they are completely biased due to the influence of the diasporas, whether it's the Greek or Armenian diaspora. The Armenians who are accusing Turkey of helping Azerbaijan are only doing it to save face. They don't want to admit that Armenia doesn't stand a chance against Azerbaijan all by itself and therefore continue being Russia's puppet state. The majority of the Armenians live outside Armenia. Those pretentiously patriotic Turk haters are enjoying their lives in Western countries while Armenian boys are prohibited from leaving the country and are obligated to serve the military for 3 years due to shortage of manpower. There's even a kill order for deserters. Armenians expect other countries to give them what they cannot get themselves. Those diaspora Armenians are so consumed by hate that they're disregarding the distress of the Armenians in Armenia. They think that occupying foreign lands are more important than Armenian lives. The diaspora Armenians should be ashamed of themselves. Armenia needs peace and that can only be achieved by ending the occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

  • Khalid Falahi


  • Khalid Falahi


  • Magdum Maniyar

    रूस और फ्रांस जंग भड़काने काम कर रहे है

  • Basil Joseph

    Jab tum Muslim itne jeet gaye ho toh abhi tajang kyon chalu hai. Kuch Armenia ke bare Mein Bhi dikhao.

  • MALik ALi

    Christion terrorest its prove .arm3nina attack on city. Shame shame

  • Md. Safiul Alam

    Malaun's are always playing the game against Muslims.

  • Omar Khan

    تمهارا چوټ پر نیا موړ هو سکتاهی خیال رکهنا